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Current Rates

• For recording services we use Marantz compact, lightweight equipment c/w Phantom microphones, producing crystal-clear digital clarity.

• Our digital sound files, including Supreme Court trials are emailable at no charge through our secure site which has the capacity to send large sound files quickly, efficiently and securely, all of which reduces the need for time-consuming and expensive couriers.

• Nova Scotia Justice Department-approved transcripts provided in Summation case-mapping compatible format, if so required.

• As experienced paralegals/valid Commissioner of Oaths and Certified Nova Scotia Court Reporters, we provide professional, dependable service with prompt turnaround time.

Mobile Set-Up Fee


Recording Time

$40 per hour (or any part thereof). Four hour minimum.

Per Page Transcribing Charge

$3.75 per page

Rush Fee for Panic Transcripts or Provision of Transcripts Involving Translators

$4.75 per page

Electronic Transmission of Sound Files Using our Confidential Sound Transfer Subscription — Save Time and Courier Costs!


Certified Copies/Retrievals

$.30 per page

Cancellation Fee (less than 24 hour notice)